Who is we lend

We Lend is a hard money lender focused on servicing real estate investors by providing quick and low-cost capital on their investment properties. We Lend’s approach to lending is centered around the investor, therefore allowing the investor to focus more on their investment and less on the loan process. So, whether you are an experienced real estate investor – We Lend team has the qualifications to exceed expectation and can assist in the expansion of your real estate portfolio.

Meet the team

Ruben Izgelov


Long before graduating from St. Johns University and the Touro School of Law, Ruben Izgelov was a flyer boy. Although he began this job when he was eight years old, he took that work ethic with him to St. Johns and Touro, where he earned a BS in legal studies and his JD, finishing cum laude and magna cum laude respectively. While he was in college and law school he worked full-time; afterwards, and on the heels of over a decade in the real estate space, Ruben founded We Lend, LLC.

Moses Suleymanov


Moses Suleymanov is no stranger to the value of a hard day’s work. Graduating from St. Johns University in 2016 cum laude, Suleymanov, a licensed real estate agent, has been working since he was 12 years old. In addition to his real estate license, Moses has nearly a decade of experience in the field with an emphasis on the ‘fix and flip’ arena. Even though Suleymanov is still looking towards the rest of his career, he has already acquired, flipped, developed, and sold over $100 million in real estate.

Solomon Suleymanov

Director of Customer Relations

Solomon Suleymanov, an experienced real estate advisor, attended Pace University with a double major, and focus, in Legal Studies and Computer Science. While studying at Pace University as a full-time student, Solomon started working at Total Care RX, a company in the medical field in Queens, New York. At the age of 21, Solomon entered into the field of real estate with a primary focus on Fix and Flips.

Nison Izgelov

Customer Relations

Nison has been working in the real estate sphere for 15 years, and started his career in Florida. Before the tidal wave of the 2008 financial crisis, Izgelov worked full-time as an agent, sharpening the skills necessary to be a top-tier broker by starting and developing six family houses (which were sold in Daytona, Jacksonville, and Palm Coast, Florida.) While many professionals crumbled under the pressure of a major recession, Nison pivoted and worked in the rental aspect of real estate.