Fix and Flip


Fix & Flip loans allow the borrower to make a quick return on their investment while stimulating communities – We Lend is proud to support the cause!

We Lend Fix & Flip program allows the borrower to invest as little as 10%. We offer up to 90% of the borrower’s purchase price and 100% of the renovation cost in as little as 7-14 business days.

Prior to finding We Lend, many of our borrowers would search for investors/partners with capital; in return for the investors/partners capital, the borrower shared 50% of their profits. Although We Lend capitalizes our borrowers as though we were their investor/partner, our borrowers keep 100% of the profits.

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  • No upfront fees
  • No prepay penalties
  • No bank statements or tax returns needed
  • Tenant or Squatter occupied property? No problem!
  • No access into the property? No problem!
  • Proof of funds needed? No problem!